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We care about what you put in your mouth; that's why we use the highest quality ingredients in the market to create this unique and guilt-free dessert. 

Woppa! Alfajores are GMO-free, and because of our European chocolate, the content of sugar in Woppa! is lower. 



Imagine creamy dulce de leche and a 64% bitter chocolate with just a hint of vanilla that when combined, creates a sweet, bitter, and irresistible flavor combination. 



White chocolate tastes like your typical chocolate but with more of a creamy texture which enhances the taste of dulce de leche for your tastebuds. It will never be too sweet since our cookies keeps that balance in your mouth.


A crispy shortbread cookie with an abundant amount of dulce de leche gives you an extra amount of sweets to satisfy your craving with a hint hint of dusted coconut.

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